Characterization of excipients and pharmaceutical systems

Structural and physico-chemical characterization, rheological properties of solid, semisolid, and liquid formulations, evaluation of functionality of excipients, stability studies.

Drug delivery systems comprising cyclodextrins

Hydrosolubilization and stabilization of drugs by complexation with cyclodextrins, cross-linking of cyclodextrins and preparation of polymer/cyclodextrin networks.

Functionalized biomaterials for drug delivery

Synthesis of new tailored polymers for specific performance (gene delivery, antimicrobial features, stimuli-responsiveness,…) and of functionalized surfaces.

Tablets and pellets for immediate or modified drug release
Development of new formulations and evaluation of the mechanical and microstructural properties and of the drug release behavior.
Hydrogels for advanced drug delivery systems
Development of smart polymer network, application of molecular imprinting, imprinted soft contact lenses for ocular drug release.
Polymeric micelles as drug carriers
Self-association of block copolymers and amphiphilic polymers of pharmaceutical interest, drug solubilization and stabilization, stimuli-responsive polymeric micelles.
Applications of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Reserch and Development of Pharmaceutical Sistems
Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming) in the Development of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms.